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Parenting specialist in Temple, TX

Parenting is very rewarding, but it may also be challenging. If most conversations with your child or teenager end up in an argument, you might consider parenting counseling. At eponymous practice, licensed clinical social worker Vincent Hochstatter, LCSW, provides parenting counseling to help strengthen parent-child relationships and resolve conflict. To schedule a virtual appointment, call the office based in Corpus Christi, Texas, or book online today.

Parenting Q & A

What is parenting counseling?

Parenting counseling is a therapy designed to improve relationships between parents and their children.

If you have a child or teenager who talks back, argues, or defies authority, counseling can assess the relationship dynamic and make suggestions to promote peace and understanding in your home. Counseling also presents an opportunity to ask questions and learn about different parenting styles.

Who should consider parenting counseling?

You and your partner might benefit from parenting counseling if your child:

  • Has difficulty communicating
  • Tends to have extreme emotional reactions
  • Withdraws from family life
  • Acts out violently
  • Expresses feelings of hopelessness
  • Has substance abuse problems

You should also consider parenting counseling if you or your child experience a traumatic event (like divorce) and struggle to cope.

What does parenting counseling involve?

Vincent provides parenting counseling virtually through telehealth.

During the first visit, Vincent asks about your problems at home. He also asks about your child, including if they have any underlying medical conditions and if they take any prescription medication.

Vincent also asks about your parenting style, including the expectations you have for your child. He also asks about your family dynamics — you should answer each question honestly and thoroughly. After gathering the necessary information, Vincent uses your responses to help guide the counseling process.

Typically, parenting counseling involves telehealth consultations once or twice a week. At each visit, Vincent provides new insights and monitors your parenting progress. As time goes on, he might ask your child or teenager to participate in the virtual counseling sessions as well. 

How many parenting counseling sessions will I need?

The number of parenting counseling sessions needed depends on several factors, including your goals and the problems addressed. Implementing new parenting techniques takes time and practice. Therefore, it might take several weeks or months of telehealth appointments to make lasting progress.

Does parenting counseling work?

Parenting counseling works if you put in the time and effort. Vincent can’t fix your relationship problems for you; it’s up to you and your family to incorporate the skills you learn in therapy into your daily lives. Be patient, attend each of your scheduled visits, and follow Vincent’s instructions carefully.

To see if you’re a candidate for parenting counseling, make a telehealth appointment at the practice of Vincent Hochstatter, LCSW, by calling or booking online today.

Vincent Hochstatter, LCSW